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fucking tropical piece of shit.
i miss the good ol' days.

i miss the beach, the good times i had there, and the people i had in my life then.
everything seemed so good even when sometimes they we not.

i really wish i could go back sometimes.
everything was so simple and i was a happy girl.
i don't think i will ever be as happy as i was when i was there.
sad but true.


soooooo, i feel like a total douche. 
i'm unemployed, kinda broke but it's not that bad, i have'nt been spending like crazy and i've had two interviews this week so things are looking good but i just spent $50 bucks at sephora because Kat Von D just HAD to put out a makeup collection.  :(
i just feel bad because melissa insists on paying for everything since she thinks we're so broke and does'nt want me tapping into the savings account. 
i couldnt resist. the shit is fucking gorgeous.
plus i needed some neutral colors to use for my cousin's wedding in a few weeks.
woo !
theres another palette i want really bad, it's more purples and blues but i will probably get it when i get a jizob.
hopefully it wont be sold out.

check it.


oh and i'm totally stuck on this girl she's awesome.
katy perry! cute as a button and funfunfun songs!!! check her out.
she reminds me so much of the movie lolita.

what is it with me and picture posts all the time?!

anywho. not much else going on. since i quit my job i've gotten a green thumb going on and spend a lot of time outside and playing dance dance revolution. trying to get in shape. slowly but surely.

went jake spotting and saw jessica biel!

sooo... amy and i could have been arrested tonight! geez.

we went to eat dinner and decied to go downtown since they are filming a movie with jake gyllenhaal. we decied to go to the statehouse to see if anything was going on and they were filming we couldnt see anything so we just sat on the grass talked and looked around every once in a while. a guy from the  set even came to give us ice cream cones. they turned off the lights so we figured they were done. a few other people that were sitting on the grass around us started walking down the road to where they had all the equipment and trailers and whatnot so we decied to tag along. we came to where everyone was eating and security told us to go across the street then pointed out jessica biel going up the stairs to a building they were filming in. the group started down the road then she went in her trailer and the dude said she was in makeup. then the secuirty guy said we couldnt go across the street (where we were origianlly sitting in the grass), we had to go across the street to get to where we parked so we started heading on then jessica biel came out to walk her dog, we stuck around to get a glimpse and amy said hello she seemed pissed but said hello back appearently two other girls that we were originally across the street with started chasing after her mind you it's about 10pm and it's kinda dark and she was by herself, i woulda been scared shitless. anyway the security guard comes at me and amy saying we're about to get arrested because he told us not to come back across the street and that we were chasing after jessica biel so we had to explain we were going back towards the car and we were'nt chasing after her. the security guy told us to leave and to not come back to the state house ground (what the fuck we live there????). he was really mean even after us explaining we had to cross the street to get back to where we were going even if we wouldnt have stopped we would have ran into jessica biel anyway. he was such a douche. and those girls were so fucking stupid for running after her like that. what the hell were they thinking? geez.

anyway if those dumb fucks wouldnt have ran after her those security guys would'nt have even known we were over there trying to go back to where are car was located.

she was really cute and her dog was too. i would have liked to of seen jake instead but what are you going to do? it just sucks that she was pissed because those dumb bitches decied to RUN AFTER HER. but at least she said hello back.


my awful week.

last week was awful.

i had so many things go wrong it's unbelieveable!

not to mention my job at RMC totally sucks ass. it's got me so stressed out and anxious. i think i'm beginning to have blood pressure and anxiety problems. i knew i already had anxiety problems but i don't want blood pressure problems. yikes that scares me and makes me even more anxious. i'm trying to find some things to do to calm myself down until i can go to the doctor and get some medicine. it seems like i can't even go in public places anymore without freaking out.

anyone have any suggestions? 

wednesday night we went out to a bar to watch the drag king show and meet one of melissa's friends there, on top of being anxious the whole time it was awful! i had my purse with me and it was bothering me so i went to go put it back in the car. i noticed some local crackheads watching every mood i made (i hate the part of town the club is in it's digusting and filled with icky people) my gut said to take the purse back with me, of course i got out the essentials debit, license,  car key, ect ..
i went outside because i was feeling way too hot and was not having fun. walked to the car the window was busted out and my purse was gone.
i got a call from my friend elise saying her friend mike (which i met a handful of times) found stuff with my name on it scattered all over his friends lawn. i was shocked thinking i would'nt see any of that stuff again. i knew the purse would be gone because it was kind of exspensive. i still don't know what elise has i have yet to get my stuff from her.

meanwhile, i took the day off to get the window fixed and go to the bank because i did have checks in my wallet. RMC said i have missed too much work already and that i may be fired. i was like fuck that shit, i wont come back. that place is a joke, the job sucks and they ahve someone running the place who is a total cunt. i was sick and tired of dealing with that shit.

so now i'm looking for a new job too. which i've already had call backs so it's all good.
i'm excited to see what elise has of mine, she was at work when i called her back and did'nt remember everything there was.

if anyone has a solution for loweing anxiety and blood pressure until i can get to the doctor please let me know!


i feel like i'm getting so old with this anxiety bullshit but my cousin who is young too says the whole family has anxiety that everyone is on meds except me and that i definately need to be on some. 



some very special news !

March 28th i'm taking a technique's course at MAC !!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm so thrilled, i went today with my mom she needed to do some shopping for other stuff but since we we're there i thought i'd get some stuff that i needed, and this really sweet guy was working and invited me to come to a mac benefit thing and then told me about the techniques class it's $50 dollars to sign up but you get the $50 back in merchandise.

it's basically everything i need to know that i don't yet know myself
skin tones, foundation, & contouring.

and it's right when HEATHERETTE comes out.

i'm so fucking stoked.

this could possibly be a new chapter in my life? i hope so.

did i mention how excited i am? i could scream !!!!



so ....

i finally got to see jenna jameson ! 

she was so gorgeous - more gorgeous than i had ever anticpated. :)

i was way too shy to talk to her even though i was standing arm lengths away i was just like :O

hahaha ! 

she was so cute and wearing this hat. i almost died when she whipped out the mac lipgloss -swoon-
it was like seeing my childhood hero. HAHAHA :)


so i'm becomng makeup crazed again.

i'm about to give MAC $200 :D

and next month when they do the collaboration with heatherette, holy moly. who knows what i'll spend then.
i'm buying that whole  line i <3 heatherette !





a very happy kerijane :D

 so i'm out of a job again for the time being.

wednesday when we were getting ready to leave for the day, people were still on calls, i had just washed out my coffee cup.
our computers and phones started going wonky and someone was like i smell smoke! 

ben, my co worker opened up the door to the the "heart" of our computer and phone system and black smoke just bellowed out.
i got my shit and hauled ass. i know wendy and i were the first ones out of there. 

$300,000 in damage and i don't know when i'll be working again.
we all got out safe though.
so the funniest thing happened this morning,
my alarm was going off, as ususal. usually melissa presses snooze for me - but the song would'nt shut the fuck up this morning, it was some old classic rock song - don't know which, was too tired to give a shit.

melissa was too busy playing air guitar in her sleep to get the snooze button.

i laughed so hard.

she's had guitar hero for what? a few days? so obsessed she's playing the shit in her sleep.



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